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In 2007, Lacey West’s life was changed forever. After a devastating head-on collision, and more than 35 hours of reconstructive surgery later, Lacey has a completely rebuilt facial structure. Forced to adapt to new makeup techniques throughout her transitioning period, Lacey became intrigued with makeup artistry.


Through cosmetic recommendations from Canada’s top specialists, surgeons and dermatologists, Lacey was privileged to gain insider secrets that any makeup artist would be thrilled to obtain.


Lacey stays up-to-date with the latest cosmetic advances, trends and techniques. She is dedicated to using high-end products to ensure each of her customers is getting the quality they deserve. 


Lacey is passionate about making people look and feel beautiful.


“How you feel inside and the confidence you show to the world, is all part of true beauty.”


Lacey has experience working as a makeup artist for a wide variety of occasions and is familiar with all skin types and ethnicities. She enjoys the freedom of experimenting with natural looks to fashion-forward dramatic appeal with each new client.


Through courage and strength, Lacey overcame her life-changing experience with a new-found passion and purpose. Lacey offers a dedication to her craft like no other.


Whether it be a wedding, prom or special event Lacey is devoted to helping her clients put their “best face forward” and takes pride in being part of your special day.

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